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Theatre director, playwriter, actor and showbiz manager, he approached the world of theatre in his youth, with several workshops and workshops.

Education: BFA in Acting & Musical Theatre, Musical Theatre Academy – Rome (2008) and MFA in Acting, Teatro Azione School of Rome (2014). In 2010, he studied in Milan at the Musical Masterclasses with teachers of Stage Entertainment Germany. In 2009 he graduated in Law at the University of Catania with the thesis "The King's Scene: law and theatre from the Tudors to the Stuarts." Selected with 5 other emerging Italian directors, in 2015 he took part in "Tradizione - il Teatro di Domani" and in many workshop and course with Italian and International artist, and with the original cast of "Chicago", "Guys and dolls "and" The Lion King "in London.


Director // Theatre and Musical Theatre:

"L'uomo, la bestia e la virtù"  by Luigi Pirandello (National tour / Centenary edition); "#salvobuonfine" (Finalist, “Premio Cappelletti 2014”, Premio Attilio Corsini" and "Nuovo Premio Traiano"); "Festa della Repubblica" (Finalist, Theatre Award “Stazioni d’Emergenza 2015”); "Kensington Gardens"; "Persone naturali e strafottenti" by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi (Finalist, Theatre Award “Premio Attilio Corsini"); "Torre Elettra", "Chess the Musical" (National Tour); "Cosi fan tutti" (Finalist, "Confronti Creativi" Award).

In 2017 he was one of the 8 finalists of "Fantasio" International Direction Award, with artistic residence in Trento. Also in 2017 he was finalist of  "Salviamo i Talenti - Attilio Corsini Award", with "Persone naturali e strafottenti", the 1973 scandalous play by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi; in the 2017/18 and 2019/20, he directs the same title on national tour, starring Marisa Laurito, Giovanni Anzaldo and Filippo Gili. Critic Franco Cordelli defines the work, on the national edition of Corriere della Sera, "The revenge of Patroni Griffi, forty years later." In 2019/20 he directs Giorgio Colangeli and Pietro De Silva in the national tour of the Pirandellian classic "L'uomo, la bestia e la virtù", in the centenary edition since its debut; critics call the work "a theatrical ufo that does justice to the original text."


As a playwriter, he wrote the "Trilogia del Contemporaneo", composed of the three works "#salvobuonfine", "Festa della Repubblica" and "Kensington Gardens", published in the volume of the same name in the series "Le Nebulose - Teatro". With the first text he won, in 2015, the National Playwriting Award “Drammaturgie Oltre il Teatro 2015”, and the Special Prize at National Playwriting Award “Premio Oltreparola 2015”. With "Kensington Gardens", he received the Special Prize at the pretistigious National Playwriting Award “Premio Hystrio – Scritture di Scena 2016”. The same text has been staged in English language at Deli Theatre, London, with a local cast of English and Italian actors, in February 2018. In January 2017 he premiered his latest work as playwriter at the Brancaccino Theatre, " Torre Elettra", a contemporary rewrite of the myth of Oresteia, finalist at the" Premio Hystrio – Scritture di Scena 2017 ".


In addition to his artistic activity, he is the manager and entrepreneur of the live show with important feedback. Since 2012 he has been Artistic Director of Planet Arts Collettivo Teatrale, which has produced his works as director and playwriter; since 2015 he founded and directs, together with Rocchina Ceglia, Altra Scena, society of production, distribution and communication of live entertainment. Altra Scena produces and tours, annually and throughout the national territory, over 200 days of live show and has been recognized and financed, for the high quality profile of the activity, by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities.


As an actor, he was directed in theater by Filippo Gili, Federico Magnano San Lio, Giuseppe Dipasquale, Roberto Burgio, Emma Dante, Guglielmo Ferro, Gisella Calì. He recently starred alongside Giorgio Colangeli, Francesco Montanari and Paolo Briguglia in "Waiting for Godot" (Lucky) and "Endgame" (Clov) by Samuel Beckett, both on national tour and directed by Filippo Gili.


Finalist, International Director Festival “Fantasio 2017” / Selection “Tradizione – Il teatro di domani 2016” / Winner, National Playwriting Award “Drammaturgie Oltre il Teatro 2015” / Finalist, “Premio Dante Cappelletti 2014” / Special Prize, National Playwriting Award “Premio Oltreparola 2015” / Finalist, Theatre Award “Premio Attilio Corsini 2017” / Finalist, Theatre Award “Stazioni d’Emergenza 2015” / Finalist, Theatre Award “Premio Millelire 2015” / Special Prize, National Playwriting Award “Premio Hystrio – Scritture di Scena 2016” / Finalist, National Playwriting Award “Premio Hystrio – Scritture di Scena 2017”

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